Innovations and sustainable cultivation in Bavaria's fields

Our quality promise

High responsibility for all production processes

Harvest 50,000 tons of fresh herbs in 6 months and process them into 2,500 tons of dried herbs: During the harvest season from April to November, our production. We benefit from our efficient drying plants. As well as our know-how as farmers who have recognized a healthy environment as the basis for the highest quality. Thus, we focus on sustainability and produce conventionally as well as controlled organically at the highest level.

Our recipe for success: We take complete responsibility from seed selection to delivery to meet quality requirements and maintain them reliably through close-meshed controls. This includes hourly sampling around the clock at the plant, as well as analysis of samples from each batch in accredited laboratories. Our quality assurance team checks for sensory properties, bulk density and many other criteria. Only if everything fits 100%, our herbs and superfoods are allowed further into the warehouse.

We leave nothing to chance – and offer the complete production chain from cultivation to delivery from a single source. Our services for optimum results at a glance:

  • Selection of farmers
  • Seed selection by ESG to ensure a high-quality raw material
  • Determination of the optimal sowing time
  • Continuous support and training of our contract farmers by our cultivation advisors
  • Determination of the optimal harvest time
  • Harvesting by our trained personnel using our own machinery
  • Inspection of goods prior to receipt
  • Cleaning of the fresh produce
  • Drying of the fresh produce
  • Quality test on dried semi-finished goods
  • Cleaning of the dried goods
  • Refinement of the dried product according to customer specifications (e.g. pulverization, bulk density, cutting, packaging)
  • Quality test on finished product by accredited laboratories
  • Packaging and storage
  • Delivery

Leaf by leaf - for the highest quality

Gently dried: We process our kitchen herbs and superfoods according to high quality standards and control the entire process seamlessly. For best taste and 100% traceability!

Innovative and proven: optimized processes for an all-round successful product

Partly developed in-house to meet specific requirements exactly: Our machines are ideally matched to each other, optimally coordinated, and we benefit from the short distances between the field and further processing in the plant. No later than 60 minutes after harvesting, the herbs are transferred to the belt dryers, where they pass through our self-developed cleaning drum. We work with three drying lines: fully automatic and gentle, for aroma protection, color stability and low germ counts. Our philosophy? No standstill – we continuously optimize our processes and innovations to further expand our valuable know-how and deliver top products for customers worldwide.

Sustainable and careful in dealing with the environment: leaf by leaf for the best taste

Our dedication can be felt in every hand movement – you can see and taste it. To deliver our proven quality, we work with our cultivation advisors to select the most suitable and genetically unmodified seed for each farmer. In accordance with GAP and our own standards, we control and document the cultivation; for aromatic, fresh and healthy herbs, the harvest takes place at the optimal time for this. Together with our farmers, we attach great importance to a careful treatment of nature – in the Danube valley we have an ideal location for native kitchen herbs. But we also sow flower strips along the fields to provide a suitable habitat for bees, insects and wildlife. In addition, we continuously focus on making our production processes more environmentally friendly. There is a link between sustainable agriculture and the resulting quality of food – we have believed this for generations.

Offer, Samples and Contact

Chives, dill, parsley and more: Order your sample now and experience kitchen herbs and superfoods made in Germany of the highest quality. We would be happy to give you individual information