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lat. Anethum graveolens


Dill has always been a medicinal plant in many countries. The seasoning power, as well as the appetite and digestive effect of the herb is based on the sulphur-free essential dill oil. The garden dill is widespread worldwide and probably originates from the Persian region.

In the kitchen, dill tips, dill weed and dill seeds are used. Fresh or dried leaf dill is used to season or garnish salads, sauces, herb essences, lamb stew and fish dishes. It is also an important spice for pickled cucumbers.

• Pulver
• 1 mm
• Dill weed
• Dill stems

AVAILABLE IN: organic + conventional

HARVEST: June, September und October
ORIGIN: Germany

Leaf for leaf - for the highest quality

Gently dried: We process our kitchen herbs and superfoods according to high quality standards and control the entire process thoroughly. For the very best taste and 100% traceability!

ISI 50001 zertifiziert
ISO 14001 SGS zertifiziert
FSSC 22000 SGS zertifiziert
Halal Control
USAC certified

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